Different Types of Window Treatments

Types of Window Treatments

When it comes to interior décor, few things make as big an impact as new window treatments. But with so many options, it can be difficult to choose the best window coverings that match both your personal style and your budget. In this post, we look at the most common types of window treatments for Arizona homes.

The Flexibility of Blinds

Year after year, homeowners choose blinds more than just about any other type of window treatment. And with so many styles and materials available, that’s no surprise.

The two main categories of window blinds are horizontal and vertical.

Horizontal Blinds

Of all the types of horizontal blinds, Venetian blinds are probably the most popular. Slat materials may be wood, plastic, or metal, and they are suspended via cloth strips (known as tape) or cords. Slat widths range from around 1.5 cm for micro blinds to around 1″ for mini blinds. Most custom-made Venetia blinds measure around 2.5″.

Pleated blinds are similar in appearance to mini blinds. However, instead of individual slats, they are made of a pleated material (hence the name).

Honeycomb blinds, also known as cellular shades, are similar to pleated blinds. But, instead of a single piece of material, two layers form these blinds. When viewed from the side, the mirrored pleats of each layer form the honeycomb or cell pattern that give this window covering its name. This center portion works as insulation, forming a protective barrier between the window and the living space. They’re considered effective for temperature control.

Vertical Blinds

The slats of vertical blinds run from top to bottom instead of side to side. They typically open and close from left to right, but some models operate from the center outward.

Vertical blinds are most often found on larger windows and sliding glass doors. They come in a wide array of materials, including plastic, wood, metal, faux wood, and fabric. Some homeowners prefer vertical blinds for the simple fact that they’re easier to clean. That’s because dust doesn’t settle on their slats the way it does horizontal blinds.

The Durability of Shutters

Window shutters are always custom-made to fit the exact dimensions of your home’s windows. They attach via hinges, making them a permanent fixture to the home – and typically adding to the home’s value.

Although wood is probably the most popular shutter material, plastic models are also available. However, plastic is more commonly found on exterior shutters.

Interior shutters do a great job filtering sunlight, increasing privacy, and regulating airflow. But most homeowners choose them for aesthetic reasons as they offer a truly unique look.

The Many Types of Window Shades

There are myriad types of window shades, but we’ll look at the most popular options.

Roman shades are usually made from wood, cloth, or bamboo. They lie flat when closed. When you pull the cord to open them, they fold into horizontal pleats.

Woven wood shades, also known as bamboo or matchstick shades, are extremely popular with homeowners who prefer the look of natural materials.

Roller shades, as the name implies, roll up and down. Most are made of fabric.

Sunscreen Shades

Although technically a shade, we give sunscreen shades their own category since we feel they’re in a class by themselves.

Sometimes called solar shades, the unique fabric of these window coverings block the sun’s glare – and heat – while still allowing you to see through them. Whether you choose dark, light, or reflective fabrics, you still get protection from glare, heat, and sunlight without sacrificing the amazing views Arizona is famous for. Sunscreen shades even often UV protection.

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